Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Mood Enhancer ~ Gratitude (#7)

Well, I haven't done a gratitude post lately.  I best get on it.  That gratitude is a great mood enhancer.  So here it goes...

~ Time, time with my dear husband.  We are having time for just the two of us this week.  It's been forever since that happened!  DD is busy at a summer dance intensive and DS is doing army stuff so it's just us all week.  Ahhh....

~ Air conditioning!  In this heat, I couldn't live without it!  I don't know how people ever lived without it and well, yes, I am very spoiled.

~  Morning walks with my DH and sweet puppy.  We have walked about 2 miles the last two mornings and I've so enjoyed it.  I hope we keep it up!  We have been walking across an overpass and the dog has no idea what is happening!  He's so cute as he runs trying to get by the cars underneath us but then stops for me to catch up.  He is enjoying it so much.  It's making us all happy!

~ Texts from my sweet girl.  I know she is so busy but she has been taking time to text me the last two days to let me know how she is doing.

I love these posts, they put life in perspective. They are good for me, good for my mood, which is really good for my family!  HA!

So what are you grateful for today?     

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