Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I know, I'm a day late but I was off enjoying family time and besides, I'm of the mindset, we should celebrate Christmas every day.  That's my goal this year, to let Christmas be a part of my every day.  I love how at Christmas we see more love and kindness and well, I want to see that every day, I want to live that every day so, I'll do my part to make it a reality, will join me?

So, Merry Christmas!  
I hope your day was full of love and laughter 
and I hope you carry it with you all year through.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


So I'm a little late with my gratitude post but there has just been so much going on in my life and I have so very much for which to be grateful.

I am so grateful that my mother is still here with us and doing incredibly well.  I'm amazed at her strength and tho I never want to go through this, I hope I always have her strength and grace in whatever comes my way.

I'm grateful for my siblings.  My sister has been a rock in caring for my mom and I'm so grateful she is there for her always.  My brother has been a quiet presence of support and strength to both my mom and sister and me too.

My little family has been great as well.  I dropped everything Monday evening, packed my bags and was out the door in 20 minutes for the drive to be with my mom and family for the surgery early Tuesday morning.  They supported me and gave me room to be where I needed to be and then arranged to prepare the Thanksgiving meal without me (just in case.)

It's been a whirlwind of a week but we made it through and I am full of gratitude for my family and the friends who were quick with their prayers and support.  I am definitely blessed beyond measure.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


DD fell last week while at ballet and she is now on crutches.  It's a waiting game that neither of us are very good at playing.  We have to wait for the radiologist to read the x-rays and then get the report to the Doc and then for her to call us.  Until then she is on crutches and bored and driving me crazy.  We've watched way too many Gilmore Girls in the last few days.  Binge watching at it's best.

We usually sit and watch until we get fidgety and then we pick up our phones and start playing games, toy blast, solitaire, crosswords and so on.   By the time it's bedtime, my eyes hurt and I can barely see.  Last night, I decided we needed to put down the phones.  They were making us feel bad.  So, I went to our game chest and pulled out a few games and we had a wonderful night!  We still watched too
many Gilmore Girls but we played Connect Four, Scrabble (no scoring!), and SkipBo while we watched.  We had a fun night cheering when we won and laughing at the mistakes, made up words and so on.

Why don't we do this more often?  We interacted with each other instead just staring at our screens like zombies. It was so nice!  Nice to disconnect from the screen.  My eyes thanked me and so did my daughter. 

There probably won't be games tonight as she is mostly likely going to ballet at least for a few hours to do what she can without putting weight on her foot but I'll be looking forward to the next time.  

What are your favorite games?  Offline games, of course.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


I don't really have time to read much anymore.  That fact makes me really sad.  Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine, but recently I found a book I thought I needed to read to help with a sermon series I'm hoping to start this week.  I bought it on my Kindle hoping to get around to reading it eventually.  Well, a couple of days ago, I finally forced myself to start it and I'm so glad I did!  It was an amazing read!!  I felt good at the end, I laughed, I cried, I felt sorry for the author and happy for him too!  What book is it you ask?  This one, "A Simple Act of Gratitude" by John Kralik.
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I couldn't put it down.  Last night as I was reading in the car waiting on DD, I laughed out loud, I teared up, I smiled.  My heart was warmed.  

And then this thing happened.  A song came on the radio.  I had it on to drown out the sounds on the street that were distracting to me.  Anyway, this song came on and I was instantly transported to another time but still present too. 

The song was one my DH had put a slideshow to during one of his deployments.  I remember watching that little video over and over again.  The words to the song have a different meaning to me now though.  Now, I felt such gratitude for the love of my husband.  Don't get me wrong, I felt this then too but not at the level I did last night.  I was overwhelmed with the knowledge of how much he loves me and how much I love him.  So much has changed in our lives since he made that little video/slideshow.  We've both grown so much and I can honestly say that our love has grown by leaps and bounds!  I texted him immediately to let him know how the song still makes me feel and how he is my universe.  

As I read that text over again, I realized that it was a kind of thank you note.  That's what the book is about, writing thank you notes to express your gratitude and well, as I clicked send, my heart was just overflowing with gratitude and joy.  It was overwhelming.  When DH texted back you could tell he was a bit overwhelmed too and I realized that THIS is true gratitude.  This is how we should feel everyday, about little things and big things.  Even just about a song playing in the background on the radio.

Part of the title of the book is "How learning to say thank you  changed my life."  I really think it can change all of our lives and in turn maybe even change the world a little bit by making it a better place to be.

So, thank you, dear readers and fellow bloggers, for sharing your time with me.  For sharing your life with me even if just for the second it takes you to read a bit here now and again. Thank you.

Sorry, I know I've been a bit vague and a bit too mushy here but really, READ THIS BOOK!  It's an easy read and so worth it! It could easily be read in a day, though I just read a little here and there as I found the time.  But Read IT and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Moments, Precious Moments

We've been having a tough time of it lately.  We've had issues here and there and some struggles too.  This week I've spent time concentrating more on my DD and it's been fun.  We went on an amazing adventure yesterday and then spent the evening snuggled up on the couch watching TV while we waited on the little ghouls to ring the door bell.  It wasn't our usual Halloween but it was a nice quiet one that we probably needed.  

Just this past week, I preached a sermon on time and how it can seem so fleeting to us.  I talked about how we have to make the most of every moment and so the last couple of days with my DD, I've done just that.  

Yesterday we went on one of our grand adventures.  It's been quite a while since we've done this.  
We've both been so busy, too busy.  So after some must dos like Bible study at one of the churches and a hospital visit, we headed to the Big City and tried a new to us restaurant and visited a new store.  
No adventure with DD is complete without stopping to purchase ballet shoes and then we made time for the bookstore!!  We never go to the bookstore anymore. We even purchased fun books!  Books for us, not books for work or school.  Just books for us and our own time.

 It was fun and quite the adventure for us.  I have a hard going to new unfamiliar places.  I don't like driving where I'm not familiar with the area and especially the parking!  So, yes, a grand adventure.  :)  It even snowed on us on the way home.   We laughed and giggled, we chatted, we walked, we had a beautiful time and I wouldn't trade a second of this time together.  

DD won't be here forever, she will eventually move out of our home into her own and begin her own life somewhere.  Until then, I'll cherish every minute I have with her.  Sometimes you have to put work away and just be in the moments God gives you.  These moments are precious!  Don't miss them!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Big Huge Sigh

So, I'm having a bad day... maybe a bad week or few weeks.  There's just been too much to do.  I feel completely spent, I have nothing more and yet there is always more .  I'm exhausted, my head hurts, my heart hurts, and my spirit is depleted.  Oh, I catch a few minutes (seconds?) here or there to try to be quiet, to be still.  In the moment I can feel a little better but within seconds, it all comes crashing down on me again.

Yesterday during a meeting, I had a moment of panic looking at the calendar.  Did I miss it?  Did I forget?  Did I let that day go by without saying anything to my mom?  No, I didn't miss it, how could I?  I still have 3 days, 2 depending on how you look at it, and then it will have been 3 years.

This morning, I was looking at the calendar again and there it was, just looming at me.  Why does this date mean so much?  I miss him every single day so why does the anniversary of his death hurt like this?  It's weird.  Maybe it's because I've been feeling so spent, so tired, so done that it is making this day seem extra big, extra hard, extra sad.  Maybe it's because I wish he was here to tell me what to do.  That makes me laugh because in the last years I would have never have talked to him much about it because it would have just upset him.

Maybe looking at the calendar and seeing this day really just gave me a good reason to cry, to let go, to just sink into the way I'm feeling and let it be.  Then maybe I can let it go.  I have no idea but for now, I'll let the tears flow.  I'll rest and maybe even sit.  For today anyway, tomorrow my schedule is full again.  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Good Morning!

I love crisp mornings.  They energize me.  They make want to be outside with a warm cup of tea and a blanket.  Instead, I went for an early morning walk with DH.  It was exhilarating!  I could have walked forever.  (Yes, now I'm singing I could have danced all night from "My Fair Lady".)  I had a hard time getting up or we could have gone farther but DH wanted to get back in time to have his coffee.  It seems he has to be a work at a particular time. Go figure.  LOL

The moon was so bright as we headed out and big too!  The air was crisp and cool.  DH didn't know it was supposed to be so cool, so he had run back in for a sweatshirt.  I was ready.  It was the reason I wanted to get up early and go walk!  

I think I can say without reservation that Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.  It makes me want to just sit at home and watch Hallmark movies and work on a project.  Or have breakfast, lunch and dinner out on the patio. It makes me want to cook comfort foods.  It makes me happy and makes me feel good.  Maybe that's why I was born in this season or maybe it's because I was born in this season that I love it.  Either way, I do love it.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A little something new

I've always been very interested in natural healing and a more natural lifestyle.  Many years ago, I began learning all I could about this and took several classes on Aromatherapy.
I have been using this natural therapy on my family for years with great success. I love using essential oils.  I've also
spent a lot time researching different herbs for healing.  Don't get me wrong.  We still go to the doctor when absolutely necessary but if we can nip it in the bud before it gets that far we do.  I love being able to help my family in this way.  

During my research in those early years, I ran across something called Reiki, a form of energy healing.  I took an online class at the time but I didn't really get it or understand it very well, so it just sat there in the back of my mind for years. 

Fast forward to this summer, and I started thinking a lot about Reiki again.  I told DD that I really wanted to understand it better and become a practitioner.  I really wanted to help people and I thought Reiki might just be a way for me to do that but I didn't feel qualified (even though I had my certificates saying I was).  I wished out loud to her that there would be a way for me to learn more in person.  

That very week, a class up in my Facebook feed at our local Yoga Co-op for Reiki Levels I & 2 at a reasonable price.  DD saw it too and said, "Mom!  It's right here for you!  Do it!"  I mentioned it to DH and he agreed.  I should do it and so I did and I'm so glad.  I can't even describe what a wonderful opportunity it has been.  Yesterday, I finished my Reiki Master training.  I am so excited about it.  I want to really delve into this and see how I can help others.  I've been using this technique on my family and myself for a few weeks now.  I'm still learning as I as go but it is a wonderful feeling.  I'm still a bit too excited to put everything into words right now but I will eventually.

Just a quick explanation, Reiki is a technique of stress and relaxation through the "laying on of hands".  For me it's about prayer, love and energy working together to help someone.

That being said, I would love more practice, so if you are interested in giving Reiki a try I would like to offer a session to you FREE.  If you are near me and we know one another we can work out an in person session.  If you aren't local but would like to try it we can also work out a distance session as well.  Just let me know! I would love the practice and the opportunity to help you!

Friday, September 1, 2017

A Healthy Life

First, let me just say that I recently found bitmoji and I LOVE IT!!  It's so fun!  Hence the photo to the right.  That's ME singing and jumping through the flowers.  Ahhh... and Allergy Free too!!  Ahhh....  

Anyway, moving on... I've been working on my health again.  I go through this from time to time but I'm trying to make it more permanent this time, more intentional.  So, that being said... 

What do you in your life to be healthy?  Do you exercise?  How?  Are you on a strict diet?  What kind?  Do you have a hobby?  That helps with our overall health too I think, so, do you read, do you crochet, do sew, do you do woodworking, gardening?

This year I've really been working on my diet.  I started out the year doing a Whole 30.  You just try to eat clean, no processed foods, no grains, no legumes, no dairy.  I did well with that but struggled some days with the no grains.  After a little over 2 months with that, DD and I then decided since we had given up dairy and lived, we'd try going vegan.  We love it.  We aren't perfect at it yet but we are a work in progress.  In fact, we stayed vegan most of our vacation with the exception of having Butter Beer at Universal and the last day with DS and the drive home.  But we were mostly vegan those days too.  

I've also been an on again off again walker for most of my adult life.  While we were on vacation we did A LOT of walking and I liked the change I saw in my body so I've decided to continue it.  I've been trying to get in two long walks a day, though yesterday, I didn't even get in one...  I enjoy my walks and the weather has really been cooperating so that's nice too.

I do do other things for my health like devotions, writing, crocheting and so on.  I feel like all these are good for my mental health as well and that is important too.  So, what about you?  What do you do for your health?  How are you being intentional with your health?

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Part Two - Vacation

I meant to get this written and posted yesterday but it's been a crazy time coming back to reality.  Anyway, after four days at Disney we headed off for four days Universal!  I won't lie to you.  The main, if not only, reason I wanted to go was for Harry Potter Land and it didn't disappoint.  I loved it. Here are a few of my favorite photos of Universal.

Day One

Tranformers ride

 The Simpsons

DH Had to have the Duff Beer photos

In London

  Diagon Alley!


Butter Beer!

Fire Breathing Dragon

With her wand

Speaking to the Ministry of Magic

After the Mummy ride

Bumble Bee!

Day Two



Hogwarts!  It's beautiful!

Yep, we got to see the sorting hat.  We're pretty special.  😉

DD and I got a ride with the Police in Whoville

DH trying to get a photo of the eclipse.  He got a better one with DD's phone.  We only got to see a partial but it was still neat.  Someone was kind enough to share their welder's glass with us.

My favorite book for my Daddy to read, or really recite, to me when I was little or not so little as he read it to my kids.

Day Three

With Jimmy Fallon

The triple decker bus from Harry Potter

Inside Gringotts

The moving photos in the papers

At King's Crossings

The Hogwarts Express

Harr Potters Luggage and Hedwig

Platform 9 3/4 

On the train

Day Four

Hogwarts from a distance

This was our last day here and it was our shopping day.  It was really a short day so not many photos.

Loved our trip to both Disney and Universal.  Two very different parks both very fun.  We ended our trip by spending the weekend with DS and is lovely wife.  We had a great time.  He just finished Pathfinder school.  We were trying to get there for his graduation but it was a day early so we missed it by about 4 hours...  So  proud of him and loved getting to spend time them.

What a great vacation!  Now it's back to grind... working on bulletins, sermons, laundry...  LOL  Life!