Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Good Morning!

I love crisp mornings.  They energize me.  They make want to be outside with a warm cup of tea and a blanket.  Instead, I went for an early morning walk with DH.  It was exhilarating!  I could have walked forever.  (Yes, now I'm singing I could have danced all night from "My Fair Lady".)  I had a hard time getting up or we could have gone farther but DH wanted to get back in time to have his coffee.  It seems he has to be a work at a particular time. Go figure.  LOL

The moon was so bright as we headed out and big too!  The air was crisp and cool.  DH didn't know it was supposed to be so cool, so he had run back in for a sweatshirt.  I was ready.  It was the reason I wanted to get up early and go walk!  

I think I can say without reservation that Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year.  It makes me want to just sit at home and watch Hallmark movies and work on a project.  Or have breakfast, lunch and dinner out on the patio. It makes me want to cook comfort foods.  It makes me happy and makes me feel good.  Maybe that's why I was born in this season or maybe it's because I was born in this season that I love it.  Either way, I do love it.

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