Monday, December 12, 2016

Sticks like Glue...

Oh me... I just don't know if I'm very good at this job or not...  It seems that only negative things stick to me.  Are you like that?  People can say positive things, good things to me or about me all day long and they make me feel good in the moment but after a while that's gone... It just doesn't stick to me for very long.  But if someone says something even mildly negative it will be with me for the rest of my life!  

Why is that?  It's crazy!  I struggled falling asleep last night because I couldn't let go of something someone said in criticism of me.  It just kept replaying over and over in my mind... I kept thinking about how I've failed and honestly, that's not what was said at all but my mind likes to build these things up.  If only it could do that with the positive things people say!!  But then I might just end up with the big head and that'd be bad too...  I guess it's a no win situation.

I should probably just let things roll right off.  Listen to them, learn what I need to learn from them and then just let it go.  That is definitely something to work on in my life.  

Today, I'm going to be in the spirit.  I'm going to do some cooking.  I'm going to type up the bulletin for Christmas eve.  I'm going to tidy up the house a bit and be sure to take some time for me, doing something I love.  Maybe I'll play the piano a bit or pick up my flute or BOTH!  Maybe I'll sit for a bit at my sewing machine and I'll definitely pick up my crochet for a bit.  I'm not really succeeding on crocheting a bunch of scarves... so far I haven't even finished one!  Hmmm... I don't know if I can fit any of that into my schedule!  I need to try though!  

I better get off of here and go get busy.  I hope you have a wonderful day full of all the things you love!

This is my piano, which I love...
I'd show you the full piano but it and the bench are full of music.
Very messy ... 


  1. Hi Sherri, I know what you mean about criticism sticking like glue--it sticks like glue to me too. It's a good thing to take care of yourself, doing things that nurture your spirit.


    1. Hi Kim,

      I agree, taking care of ourselves is so important and yet we often neglect it. I'm working on it!

      Thanks for stopping by!