Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

Well, I had a little trouble sleeping last night... Today is Christmas Eve and I think I'm a bit nervous about the Christmas Eve service and probably the Christmas day service as well.  These services should be beautiful and leave people feeling closer to God and well, I just don't want to let anyone down.

As I was typing that I thought to myself that what I described should be EVERY Sunday!  So, maybe I don't really have anything to worry about and I'm just a silly worrier.

I am excited that Christmas Eve is finally here!  What I'm especially excited about it the fact that we will have a neat, as in tidy, living room when we wake in the morning to open gifts.  That is my aim every year but I don't know that we have EVER succeeded before so I'm pretty excited!  It's the little things.  ☺

We have a relative busy day today.  We have cookies to cut out, bake, and ice.  We have a cake to make and then a few Christmas dinner preparations to make too.  We have to be a the church at 4:15 which means we have to leave by 3:45 but knowing me it will be earlier.  But in this busyness, I'm going to relax and have fun.  It's going to be a great Christmas Eve!

I hope yours is as amazing as mine will be.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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