Sunday, December 18, 2016


Good morning!  Here I sit on this beautiful Sunday Morning.  Looking at the snow behind my Christmas tree.  Isn't it just lovely?  I love snow, well, I love to watch it snow from right here.  I enjoy going out and playing in it for a short while, a very short while if it's not too cold.  But it is very cold here this morning... -7  BRRR!!

I do feel a little guilty though.  We cancelled worship for today.  I received a phone call from one church saying they thought we should and I wanted to do what they thought was best and when the other church found out they agreed.  They all worried about my family driving out there.  Which is so sweet, I'm 30 minutes away. Then I was worrying about them as they are both older congregations and well, I was worrying about them getting out in the cold and having the possibility of falling on the ice.  I know it was for the best.  I totally agree with the decision but it does make me feel a little guilty.  

We had an exciting weekend.  DD had her ballet evaluations on Friday.  DS and DDIL decided to surprise her by coming to see them only, the weather turned on them and what is usually about an 8 1/2 hour drive turned into 12.  They didn't make it to the evaluations but DD was so surprised when we got home and found them here.  She did a great job dancing.  I could see a lot of improvement since she started with this new school.  Her best friend and her mother came out to see her and then we all went for pizza.  It was all great fun.  

Now we have been able to spend a nice weekend all together, all 5 of us!  We've baked (may do more) and we've watched Christmas movies, we've talked and listened, we've wrapped presents, and played with the dogs.  I love when we are all together.  It makes me happy.  VERY.  

Well, I guess I could spend the rest of the quiet morning before everyone gets up working on Christmas Eve and Day services.  I'm excited for both!  I hope you have a very blessed Sunday.

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