Sunday, December 11, 2016

Family Time!

Sitting here this evening watching Christmas movies with the family and thinking about how fortunate we are.  DDIL is leaving us on Tuesday to finally get to live with DS, her husband, for the first time.  I am so happy for them to finally get to be together again but I'll admit, I'm really going to miss her around here.  She has become one of my own.  

We've had a nice day and evening together.  We went to a new restaurant after church for lunch and it was sooo yummy!  It was our last big dinner with all four of us before she leaves.  We laughed, we joked, we were silly and we just had such a good time.

In worship today we talked about being in the present and we totally were today. I love days like this.  Days filled with my family, with love and joy.  With the busyness of life it's hard to fit days like this in but when we do they are amazing. I cherish each and every one.

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