Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Busyness of the Season

Morning came much too early for me today.  I didn't have to get up when I did but I just feel like I have so much to do and not enough time to do it!  I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and not, all at once.

This Christmas is a little different.  It's our first without DS, so it's a little sad.  It's also my first as a Lay Pastor, so I've been more busy than usual.  I've been busy with sermon writing, and worship planning.  You might be surprised how much time goes into this.  If you haven't lately, thank your pastor for all they do and if there is one, the church staff too.    

Then there is all the usual stuff that needs to get done for Christmas... mailing packages, wrapping gifts, baking, cleaning, time with the family.  

I wrote a devotion this morning for my little churches about taking time to be quiet and listen.  I've been working on that.  I think that's why I enjoy getting up so early, even when I don't want to, so I have this quiet, peaceful time.  Time to reflect, to listen, to just be.   

Then I shared questions with our online Bible study and reflected on them too.    The questions asked about Christmases Future.  What you envision for them.  How might you better glorify Christ in future Christmases and it got me thinking about the busyness of this season.  Example:  This morning, I wrote and emailed the devotion, posted to the online Bible study, need to go get ready for the in person Bible study, eat breakfast with DD, do the bulletins for Saturday and Sunday, tweek my sermon for Sunday, make arrangements to have the elements consecrated for Saturday, take DD to dance and the list goes on a bit but you get the general idea.  It's a bit much for me.  I'm pretty much a homebody and truth be told... a bit lazy.  But I don't have time for the lazy anymore!  

But I digress... in the busyness of the season, how am I finding times and ways to glorify Christ?  I'm thinking I need to work on this bit and I would like to see it better in my future.  How do you glorify Christ during the Christmas season?  Share your ideas in the comments!  

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