Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas at my House

I can't believe that Christmas is over...  Well, technically it's not if you go by the church year but you know what I mean.  It seemed to go so fast, but we had a wonderful time.  I didn't even let myself get too caught up in missing DS.  That was a real possibility with me but I knew he was with his little family and having a good Christmas and I talked with him and his dear wife often so I was able to focus on those here with me.  It was nice.  We had fun.  We started on the 23rd by going to see the lights at the Crown Center.

They were magical!

It was so beautiful!

So is she.  

We had so much fun enjoying the lights and the trains.  We stopped for frozen custard on our way back to the car and it was yummy.

We came home and watched Christmas movies and just spent time together.

Christmas Eve was a fun day too.

It started with DH running out to get propane so we could fry our turkey the next day and coming home with these cute blinky necklaces.  DD's and mine were a daintier version.

Next we worked on our Christmas cookies!

And they were yummy!

and beautiful.

Next DD worked on her music for the service that night and we worked on our song for Christmas day services too.  Of course then we had to take some family selfies around the piano.

They got a little silly...

And fun!

Isn't this girl beautiful?!

It was a foggy night.  We felt certain, Rudolph would be needed tonight.

The service was great with lots of people.  It was 2 churches combined.  We had 46 people there! It was wonderful.

And the candlelight was beautiful.

Then we came home and watched my most favorite movie EVER!! 
 "It's A Wonderful Life"! 

Christmas morning was great too and my house was filled with beautiful music. DD had to practice for the church and then she also got this!
Yep!  A Ukulele.  She played it for hours.
And then I got this... It's not new but it is fixed!  I've haven't played in years but I played all day on Christmas day!!  I need to get me a book to refresh my abilities.

And then we had this for our yummy breakfast before church.  Cinnamon Biscuits.  Oh, they were soooo good!  

And then we headed to church.  Unfortunately, we didn't get any photos but we had a good crowd then too.  More than I expected actually.  We came home and some took naps, others played their instruments and then we leisurely prepared our Christmas dinner.  It was delicious.  Then after cleaning up we went down to the family room for "A Christmas Story".  It was a lovely day full of family, music, worship.  

I'm quite ready for it to over.  It's been a great Advent season, a little busy for me but I so enjoyed it.  Christmas night as I was telling DD good night, we talked about we weren't ready for it to be over yet and I said, "Well, we are supposed to keep Christmas all year through.  We should be living Christmas Every Day!"  And she replied, "YEAH!  Let's do it!"  

So... for my New Year's resolution, I think it be to live Christmas every day.  To keep Christmas in my heart the whole year through.  Christmas isn't just a day, it's a feeling, it's a way of life and it's what I want for my life every day.

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