Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Peace, time, music, and wisdom... my gratitude list today.


This morning, after everyone had left the house, I went out to the backyard to water the yard a bit.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  The hissing of the water coming from the hose, and the sun glinting off the drops of water on the leaves of the plants was soothing to me.


It seems like such a precious commodity these days.  I know that my long days filled with my children are numbered.  They are growing up and starting their own lives.  I'm so excited to see where life takes them but I want to cherish every minute I have with them.  Time is precious.  My daughter and I have been always been close.  I love that even now as she is a teenager, she enjoys spending time with me.  We go for walks several times a day and just talk.  She shares her hopes and dreams with me, she shares her life with me and this time with her is perfect.  

In fact, as I was typing this my son called to tell me

about his first day of his senior year of college classes.  I stopped everything, shut my computer so that I could just enjoy this time with him and listen to his stories of today that led to stories from the summer while he was gone which led to his dreams of his future!  

Time is precious and I'm working at enjoying every minute of it.

I love music.  I always have.  I wake up with a song in my heart every morning and it will play most of the day in my head.  I'm lucky in that my kids have my love of music and they love to play their instruments.  I get to daily listen to my daughter practice the piano.  It's some of my favorite time of the day.

You're going to laugh at this one but sometimes I find great wisdom on social media.  I know that sounds crazy but it's true.  Sometimes it's in a blogpost from a friend or an article someone shares and every once in a while it's in that meme that goes viral (every once in a great while...).  Sometimes that wisdom comes at the perfect time, just when I need it most and when that happens, I am so very grateful for it.  Timing is sometimes, everything.  


And then there is this...

Can you see it?  I think some else has been using my brush!  I mean really!  When exactly did this happen???  Those are grey hairs, yes, there is more than one, on MY brush!!  Ok, so I've had a few grays in my head for a while but I do NOT remember seeing them on my brush before!!  There's that time again... my how fast it goes... 
"Teach us to use wisely all the time we have."  Psalm 90:12 (CEV)

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