Monday, August 3, 2015

A Grateful Heart

This was the beautiful sky on walk this morning.
Affirmations, home, crockpots, love

~Today I took my DD to the local community college to enroll (dual enrollment) for a class.  She took a placement test and did really well.  I love when I get affirmation that I haven't ruined her by homeschooling her.  I know how smart she is and I know what she is capable of but it's really nice to get that outside affirmation.

~We got home from a week long trip yesterday afternoon, and as much as I loved our trip and wished it could have been a lot longer, it's always nice to come home.  Fortunately for me, I LOVE my home!

~I'm not using my crockpot tonight because I forgot to put something in it in time, so as my oven is heating up my home, I'm so grateful for crockpots which can make lovely meals without heating up the house. I will planning on using it soon.

~Love.  Today would be my parents 57th (I think) anniversary.  This is my mother's first anniversary without him and I know it is hard for her. My parents had a great love.  They were an amazing couple who set a wonderful example for their kids.  I am who I am today because of them.  I love them both more than words can say and today, I am forever grateful for the love the showed each other and that overflowed onto me.  


  1. Precious observations Sherri!! I love the love your parents had and still have for one another. ((HUGS)) to your family! I know your hearts are hurting, but healing. Love you! Jeannie