Monday, August 10, 2015

Family time!

Road trips with my favorite young people and car dancing!  We love car dancing!!

One last yummy meal we can't get in Kansas, Golden Chick!

Coming home to this guy and watching him be a great uncle.

Had a great week with family and am so grateful for the time we had together!

Loved spending time with my dear daughter and her sweet friend.  They are so precious.  They had such a great time.  I have to admit though that it was tough sometimes when I could see that they were no longer little girls but really are 16 year olds!  Where did those little girls go?  Well, they grew into lovely, kind, funny, smart young ladies.

I enjoyed time with my mom and my brother and sister.  It was great to be with them.  It always makes me wish we lived closer together... if only they would move here!!  LOL  They always try to convince me to move back to Texas.  

Feeling so full and grateful.  Love my family!

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