Tuesday, March 15, 2016

No More Life on Hold

Do you ever feel like you are keeping your life on hold?  

I often do!  I feel like I'm always waiting on someone - my husband, my kids.  I'm always waiting to do something until DH (darling husband) gets home or if he is traveling, until he calls.  I'm always waiting for the older kids to get here before we can do something or at least waiting until I hear whether or not they are coming.  I'm always waiting on DD (darling daughter) to come home from dance or from hanging out with friends before I can go here or do this.  I'm always waiting and yesterday, I felt as if my life had been put on hold indefinitely.

Yesterday, I was wanting to go see DS (darling son) at his apartment and spend a little time with him as he is on spring break and has a new puppy (BIG puppy) but DD wanted to go hang with friends first so I waited... and I did a few things around the house that needed doing and I waited some more but then I just wanted to go and that's when it hit me!  

I don't have to put my life on hold all the time!

So I texted DD and let her know I was leaving and you know what she said?  "Have Fun!"  What??  

As I was running out the door DH called and I told him I was going to see DS and you know what he said?  "Have Fun!"

Yay!  They were all for me going out and doing what I wanted to do even if I did it without them.  

DD missed me and called me and texted me throughout the time I was there but it was good.  

DH called me after a bit too but no one rushed me home and everyone thought it was great that I did what I was wanting to do.  No one's feelings were hurt AND I had a great time!

Sometimes I think Moms give more than they really have to, especially when the kids are older.  I think sometimes that we start to lose ourselves, if we aren't careful, and that's not very healthy.  It's taken me forever to learn this.  I mean my kids are 21 and 16 and I'm just now learning it but better late than never!  Right?

Do you ever feel this way?


  1. To thine own self be true. You are a person, too, not just an extension of others. Now is the time to stretch that or you will be dangling in a few years.

    1. So true! I've been working on this since DS left for college but I'm still terrible. Yesterday was a major break thru! LOL