Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Am I Awake? Are You Awake?

I'm sitting here listening to my favorite soundtrack of all time... "Jesus Christ Superstar" It seems weird to say it's a favorite but I do love it.  It makes me sad but it tells a great story and one that is so important in my life.  It always makes me think and think hard.

I often find myself trying to imagine living then.  Who would I be?  Would I be a disciple?  Would I get it?  Would I be like them and stay confused?  Would understand any better than they did?  

I like to think that I'm would but honestly, I have the benefit of hindsight, of knowing the whole story.  I have the benefit of years of commentary, explanations, explanations of the parables, the metaphors.  The disciples had Jesus right there with them but they also had their recent past, and the current situations that all influenced them and their understanding.

As I listen to Jesus ask "will no one stay awake with me", I'm brought to tears.  Would I have? Would I have stayed awake with him? Do I now? Am I awake?  Am I paying attention?  Do I hear what he is saying to me?  Do I hear what he is calling me to do?  Am I there for him?

That question.  Am I there for him?  Wow, I've never thought of it that way before just this very moment.  

Jesus was asking the disciples to be there for him, with him, and they fall asleep on him.  They missed this opportunity!  What an opportunity!

Am I missing it?  Am I sleeping through it, through opportunities that Jesus is calling me to, that God is calling me, is asking me to be there for and with him?

Oh goodness, I surely hope not but it is definitely something for me to ponder on, to consider during this Holy Week.

Am I awake?  Are you awake?


  1. Hi Sherri, The questions you pose are important ones--some of the same ones I've asked myself. I'd like to think that I would have acknowledged Jesus as Messiah had I been there; however, all of us today have the benefit of a couple thousand years too! As I read your post, I recalled a song that I learned while taking voice lessons in college (early/mid 1990s) "Jesus, Lord to Me"--it asks some of the same questions that you have asked here. (Sorry I can't share the song with you--I've been unable to find it on the internet when I've searched for it. I think it's a Sandi Patti song.)


    1. Hi Kim! Thanks your comment. Is this the song you remember?

      Jesus Jesus Lord to me
      Master Savior Prince of Peace
      Ruler of my heart today
      Jesus Lord to me
      Verse 1
      If I had seen the sunset
      On the day that Jesus died
      And felt the glow of the sunrise
      When the tomb was opened wide
      Would I have known You
      Could I have seen that
      You were more than just a man
      You were Lord and King
      But now I know You and I can see
      That You are Lord of all
      And You are Lord to me
      Verse 2
      If I had walked beside
      As You touched and healed the blind
      And heard You speak with power
      If I had seen Your gentle smile
      Would I have followed or turned away
      Would I have listened to the things You had to say
      But now I trust You
      I hear You call
      Now I follow I give You my all
      Verse 3
      If I had seen the manger
      Where the tiny baby lay
      And felt the power of that moment
      When all heaven sang Your praise
      Would I have knelt to worship
      Or just passed along the way
      Would I have loved You
      The way I do today
      But now You are my Savior
      You're the King of kings
      I will bow to worship You
      and I will sing

      I found it another person singing it on youtube... https://youtu.be/nSmlBDtEQDk


    2. Yes, this is the song I referred to. Although, the version I sang didn't have the third verse. :) It's fun to hear the arrangement that you shared. It's slightly different (due to the extra instruments, I think).


    3. I was so curious, I had to go looking! Glad I found it and was able to share it with it you. :o)

    4. Update. Now that I think about it--there was only ONE verse. Blessings!

    5. I'm assuming it was the first verse above? I think it really says it all! :o)

    6. Yes. It was just the first verse, shown above.

  2. Yes! Are we awake or are we sleeping? Are we standing vigil with our Lord, or are we simply copping out?
    We are so like the disciples, aren't we?
    I'd like to think I'd have been able to stay awake with Jesus in the garden and to not, as Peter later did, deny Him, but I know differently. I am sinful and in need of forgiveness and grace. The disciples, in the aftermath of Jesus' resurrection, illustrate that power the best.
    Love and blessings to you!

    1. Hi Martha! Yes, you are right, the 'come back' of the disciples when they figured it all out is such a great testimony of grace.

      Thank you!