Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Music and Worship

This morning I had the privilege to listen and offer my thoughts as my DD chose the hymns for Good Friday and then also for Easter Sunday.  

What a blessing to get to watch her work through the process.  She puts so much thought into it.  She reads the verses of each song to be certain they reflect the mood and setting of the day.

I'm very proud of her and her faith.  She is amazing every day with her deep thinking and her full heart.  She gets it!  and that means so very much to me.

So, if you are in church on Sunday, the church where she plays or any church, know how much thought and effort goes into each hymn choice and special music so that your worship can be a full experience.


  1. My husband leads contemporary worship (music) at our church, and boy! Does he ever put lots of thought into matching the songs to the sermon and/or the day. I can certainly understand why you are so proud of her!
    Blessings, Sherri!

    1. How wonderful! I love music. It's one of my favorite parts of the service. Thank you!

  2. Sherri, I admire your daughter's dedication and heart! As a lay speaker in the UMC I occasionally preach (usually in churches other than my own)--the places where I select the hymns, I've discovered that it takes nearly as much time to do that as the rest of the service! Nevertheless, it is a blessing. Music can minister to us in ways that nothing else can.


    1. Hi Kim,
      I'm a Lay Speaker in the UMC too and I love when I get to choose the hymns! My being a Lay Speaker is actually how my daughter this got this job. :) It's at a church where I fill in from time to time (not our home church) and it drives her crazy when I'm preaching because I want to pick my own hymns. LOL We both love it!