Saturday, March 12, 2016

Catching Up

Happy Saturday, my friends.  I know I haven't really been writing here much lately and so I'm sure the few of you who did check in every now and then may not be here anymore but I thought I'd share a catch up post. So pull up a rocking chair and let's sit and chat for a spell.

I've been busy, busy preaching.  I love it but it is getting ready to slow a bit and I think I'm good with that for a while. I think I'll take some time to write a bit again.

Things are really hopping here at our home.  My son (DS) is getting ready to graduate from college, commission into the US Army and get married to a sweet young lady all in a two week time period in May!  It's going to be crazy!

My daughter (DD) is busy dancing and cooking and living life.  We took her on her first real college visit Friday and it was GREAT!  She really liked the school and they seemed to like her as well.  We'll make a few other visits but this may be a good fit for her.  We'll see.

Now, I've not really talked a lot on this blog about homeschooling but we do homeschool and honestly I love it.  I do want to say that we do NOT homeschool for religious reasons, or political reasons, or anything weird.  We homeschool because it works for us.  We don't use a particular curriculum.  We are a little interest led but we also study stuff we don't like too.  You know, because you just have too...  

Right now, my DD's interests lie in the 1940's.  She and I are having a blast!  We've been rationing as they did midwar in Great Britain as best we can and we are discovering that we don't need as meat as we thought and that we actually enjoy eating veggies (with lots of potatoes) more than we thought we did.  I'm loving the extra money in my pocketbook!  This could help pay with the expenses coming up due to graduation, commissioning, and wedding!  My husband (DH) on the other hand is not enjoying it as much... He's first response was where's the meat?  Then, do you really hate me?  LOL  Poor guy but he's getting used to it.  He only has to ration at dinner.  He still gets his regular breakfast and lunch. 

We've really enjoyed it and are learning lots.  Plus!  I've been in my kitchen cooking lots more which I love!!  I love to cook and for some reason I don't always and this is forcing me to and I'm enjoying it immensely.  I love baking bread and eating it is my FAVORITE!!  Though, I love it slathered in butter and since butter was rationed... it's barely buttered but it's still supper yummy.  I've been staying on top of my housework better which is amazing!

This was the beginning of my
garden several years ago.
I'm looking forward to getting back to gardening too.  We've been reading so much about the Victory Gardens and well, I used to have a lovely garden but I've not been very successful since we moved here, plus my allergies have kept me away from it.  This year, though, I'm hoping to keep them under control and be able to grow more our own fresh veggies and do some canning and freezing so we have them all year and can save some money for our pocket book! 

I was all set and ready this morning  to get out and start cleaning up the garden area, but when I got downstairs, it was raining... Maybe tomorrow, or one day next week.  IT WILL HAPPEN!  I just have to be patient.  The rain is good for the earth.

Anyway, you are now all caught up on me, so what's happening with you?  I'd to hear from you!

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