Thursday, December 8, 2016


When I first moved over to this blog from my old one at Musings By Mommy, I did so because I felt like I needed a new place to call home.  People had kind of come in and read my blog and were being ugly and so I wanted some place new, some place safe.

In my first post here I shared that  I wasn't 'mommy' anymore.  My kids were growing up and so was my blog.  My topics were changing so finding a new home seemed reasonable.  Now... I miss that old blog.  It was home for so long.  It got me through some pretty rough times that I call deployments.  I met some really great friends.  People who entered my life through the blog and found a place in my heart as well.

Last night one of those friends, reappeared and I was so excited to hear from them.  It made me nostalgic.  I've been looking back at this blog and my old one, reading old posts and remembering.  These blogs are like scrapbooks with snapshots of my life.  

Some of my favorite posts are about Christmas and I haven't even posted one time about Christmas this year on here.  My life is very busy these days with preparing sermons, planning services, making bulletins, making visits, caring for my home and family but blogging has always been so therapeutic and comforting for me.  I'd like to get back to it.  I really would but when would I find the time?  I already get up at 5am just so that I can get everything done in a day!  I don't know but I think I want to try.

I titled my old blog Musings by Mommy so that I could just ramble on about anything, no certain topic, just life as I see it.  This one is Simply Sherri.  It was supposed to be a place to just be me, to share what I was working on or thinking.  It's turned in to just being a sermon here or there.  I don't think that's what I want it to be anymore.  Nobody wants to read a sermon!  Most people don't even want to come and hear one on Sunday mornings anymore!  

Oh, I'm sure if I really like a sermon, I'll still share it but I think I need to find my voice again, not just my sermon writing voice, but my everyday voice of life.  So, that being said,  I'm going to try to be back more, to write more.  I love writing.

So we'll see... I've done this before where I said I wanted to get back at if but then never came back!  HA!  I'll try to be better this time.  I'll try to be here, to be present.  Until then, I'll share my happy place with you.  Enjoy.  I always do!
My Happy Place

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