Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Good bye ramblings...

Last night DDIL began preparing to leave us to go live with DS.  It's bittersweet.  I'm so excited for her and DS to finally get to live as a married couple, to really begin their life together but...  well, I'm remembering how very much I hate being left.  I've never been good at long term see ya laters.  I kept ending up in tears last night...  She probably thinks I'm crazy now!  lol  

It's not like I won't see her again!  I think in a way it feels like I'm telling DS good bye again and it's Christmas time...  I love Christmas!  But I've always had a hard time being away from family and this will be our first without DS.  Oh, we'll be out to see them soon.  DS is going to Air Assault school soon and we'll go out for the graduation.  So, I'll be back with them soon, but it's still hard.

I think it's the Christmas season.  I brings back memories of my precious babies,
those sweet little toddlers, those tween years when they thought they had to take care of me because Daddy was gone.  Now, they are all grown up and starting their lives, their own traditions.  I'm so proud of them.  DD of course is still home and I'm so looking forward to this special Christmas with her, though she is going to make me soooooo FAT with all of her baking and goodie making!  I'm going to have to go on a starvation diet soon...  

And then there is the dog!  That crazy dog that drives me crazy!!  I'm missing him too!!  Who will play with me in the early mornings now??  LOL

Let's just say there is going to be big time missing going on this Christmas, but I will enjoy those who are here with me, every single moment of it!  It won't be long and DD will be all grown up and moving out too.  So, I will cherish every moment I get with any and all of my dear ones, near and far.  We'll facetime, we'll call and we'll make new traditions.  

Oh, be right back.... we're loading her up!

And, just like that she's on her way, loaded to the gills.  I'm so excited to see where life takes the sweet couple!