Sunday, April 5, 2015

It's Easter!

Good Easter morning!  We've just spent the last 40 days preparing our hearts for this day.  My daughter challenged me to give up Facebook for Lent this year.  Originally we said I could still use my writer page to post blog posts.  I felt kind of funny about it so I just posted scriptures here and there and eventually, I just gave it all up.

It wasn't really that hard except for when I knew someone posted photos of my nieces or nephews, but I made it.  I'm glad I did.  My daughter and I talked about how it was nice not to know what everyone is doing all the time.  She talked about how much better she felt about herself without it.  She's not sure she will go back to Facebook much.  I think I'll just lurk and look at pictures of family and friends and post the "Happy Birthday" here and there.  I did learn how much time I wasted on Facebook and don't want to go back to that.  Maybe I'll set aside a time each day to look over it once but not throughout the day as I did before.

I got back into being outside and gardening.  I cooked more and talked with my family more (less distractedly anyway), I read more.  It was good.

I hope to be blogging more.  I thought I would during Lent but by daughter gave up social media and I just didn't feel right when I did blog so I stopped but it gave me time to think about writing and I want to do more of it, so hopefully it will be in the form of blogposts.

I hope Lent was a time of reflection and growth for you too.  Yesterday, I discovered a blogpost from last year talking about having a change of heart and I like to share it again.  I hope you'll click this link and read it.  I think a change of heart is a great way to start the Easter season.

I'll close with my favorite Easter song...

Every Morning is Easter Morning from now on
Every Day's Resurrection Day the past is over and gone
Goodbye guilt, Goodbye fear good riddance
Hello Lord, Hello Son!
I am one of the Easter People
My new life has begun...

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