Thursday, March 13, 2014

A New Chapter

I've been thinking of starting a new blog for while now but this morning, I finally decided to do it.  My old blog is called Musings By Mommy.  You can find some of the posts listed in the side bar.  This morning I realized that I'm not really "Mommy" anymore.  I'm mom.  My kids are growing up.  One is in college and the other in high school. I'm not a military wife anymore as my husband has retired and is now working in the civilian world.  I've been on a journey for the last year really trying to find myself.  You know, to figure out who I am by myself.  Oh, I'm still a wife and mom and always will be but I need to have a little something for me.

In this year or really even longer, I've discovered a little bit of who I am.  I have been taking classes for Lay Servant Ministries and I've been loving it.  I'm going for Lay Speaker designation next week.  I've preached at my home church and also at a nearby rural church who needed some one to fill in for a few Sundays.  I LOVED IT!!  It was so much fun.  I enjoyed preparing and then presenting the sermons.  I actually LOVE speaking!

The funny thing is is that I am very shy.  Or I always have been anyway.  I have a hard time calling and ordering pizza!!  And yet, here I am not only speaking but wanting to speak!  It's the darndest thing.  LOL

I love preparing the sermons.  It takes a lot of time but really do enjoy it.  I enjoy the studying and researching.  I'm learning so much.  So for now, THIS is who I am.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  I love to get comments so please let me hear from you!


  1. That's such a great post. I started a new chapter on 31 March , 2014 . That's when I got my retired I D card !!

    1. Wasn't it awesome? Well, I know it is for some and not for others but I have to say it was soooo freeing! I felt like I could breathe easier once my husband retired and he always says it was a great decision. He turned down a promotion to retire for me. Oh sometimes it's hard and there are definitely things we miss but that life.

      Congrats on your retirement!! I hope you are finding your way. :)