Monday, July 13, 2015

Gratitude #3

Hello my dear friends!  I hope you are having an amazing day.  I am! 

I have to tell you, since I started writing in my gratitude journal again, my world has been much happier!  Hahaha  I told my husband this morning that I had a great weekend and I feel so happy.  It's just the best feeling and I really think that this whole gratitude thing is making a difference for me.

That being said, here is my gratitude so far for today, it's the simple things.

~Avocado on my toast for breakfast with scrambled eggs.  It has become my favorite breakfast!  I'm not sure there is anything better, which is funny because a few years ago, I wouldn't even try avocado!  

~Time with my favorite girl, grocery shopping and then a meeting my sweet hubby for lunch.  

~Yummy cookies made by my favorite girl!!  YUM!!


  1. Hi Sherri, I am a UMC lay speaker and was just added to the FB group. I was interested in your gratitude post and wondered if you have read Ann Voscamp's 1000 Gifts? She was my inspiration to begin my gratitude journal. I couldn't stop at 1000 and am now up to 1,400. Like you, my days and my motivation, are so much better when I use that journal. Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Glenys, I have not read her book but I do follow her on several social media sites. I started my gratitude journal back in 2006 and have been writing in it off and on ever since, some years more than others. I started it after reading a blog somewhere that eventually led me to the book "Simple Abundance" both encouraged it.

      Nice to 'meet' you! Have a wonderful evening!