Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hands and Feet

Missions have been on my mind a lot lately.

My husband's uncle is a missionary in Africa and is doing really wonderful things there.  I love seeing the photos he shares.

We just sent our daughter off on her third mission trip with our youth group from church, this year to Denver, CO where they will do great things as usual. They are posting photos of their service as well and it is touching to see youth helping, leading, and serving.

My cousin has spent the last 10 days in mission in Kenya at Naomi's Village with her precious family and as I've been looking at all the photos she has posted of the work they have been doing there I found myself wanting to go...

A conversation with my husband...

me: "Have you been looking at the photos of my cousin's trip?"

him:  "No, I haven't been on Facebook lately. Why?  Do we need to go?"

me: "Well... I've been thinking about it!  Maybe we need to go on a Family Mission Trip, but how?  We don't have that kind of money."

Then we were just quiet.  Thinking about it and the phone rang and it was as if God just hit me in the head with a brick.

You see I serve on the Nurture and Care committee at our church and I'm always looking and searching to see if there are people who need help and this phone call was just about that!

I hung up the phone and told my husband, "We don't have to go to Africa to do God's work!  He needs us right here!"  My husband,  just so happened to have the day off so we loaded up the truck and headed out in the heat to see what we could do.

After about 5 minutes of working a man pulled up and rolled down the window and looked as if he wanted to speak to us so I went over and he asked if he could help us.  He had lost his job last week and was in need of gas money.  He was a Godsend in two ways.

1.  I'm not the outdoorsy yard work type, so I wasn't a lot of help to my dear husband though I was trying!! His help was greatly appreciated and made the work go by a bit quicker.

2.  It was another knock on the head from God that there is plenty to be done right here in our own neighborhood.  We were able to to help 2 people at once!

I really needed this knock on the head.  Not that there is anything wrong with going to other countries or cities to be in mission.  That is a definite need!!  and I am so proud of  those who are able to go and do that.  They truly are the hands and feet of Christ but I needed to be reminded that it's ok and good to be in mission right here at home too.  Maybe someday, I'll be able to go on a BIG mission trip somewhere but for now, I'm ok with serving right here as I am able and needed.

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