Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are you listening?

Not the same bird but a lovely one none the less.
This morning, after taking DD (darling daughter) to the ballet academy, I came back and took the dog for a leisurely walk around the campground.  As we were walking I heard this bird screaming.  Really, that's what it sounded like.  I have no idea what kind of bird it was but it was HUGE.  It was soaring through the sky, wings spread wide, screaming.  I imagined it was calling for it's children or it's mate.  We had terrible storms last night and this screaming made me wonder if this bird and it's loved ones had gotten separated.  Slowly, other birds started appearing in the sky calling out their reply to it's screams.

During the storms last night DH (darling husband) called several times to check on us.  He has to work a few days this week so we were separated for the storms. It was killing him not to be here with us during the storm and this bird made me think of him and his concern.

It made me think of all those who have survived storms and have searched for loved ones in the ruble.

It made me think of how God is calling out to us, trying to bring us to him, wanting to hold us and love us and how all we have to do is listen for him and answer him and he will fill us.

As the bird screamed and screamed over and over, I imagined it's concern and maybe even panic as it's screams went unanswered at first.

I can imagine God's concern and sadness as his calls go unanswered.  As it often went unanswered in the past.  His call to love him, to serve him, to be in a relationship with him.  His call for us all to love one another, for that love to override any differences, disagreements, rivalries, or even sin.  I want to answer that call to love and work at answering it everyday.  It's not always easy but I want to try every day.  Will you join me?  

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