Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Whew!  It's been a full three weeks of whirlwind activity lately.

First we had recital.  If you have a daughter in dance, you know that this is a full weekend event with dress rehearsal and then the recital.  AND, it was on Mother's day!  That was a busy, busy weekend.  She danced gracefully and was of course strikingly beautiful.  It was a wonderful day!
I haven't finished uploading the photos.  I'll edit with more photos later so come back!

Marking before the actual rehearsal

DD is in the middle

Then we had a college Graduation.  What  a proud moment/day.  Yes, it was an all day affair.  We arrived at William Jewell College at 8:15 am and didn't leave until almost 4:00 pm!  It was a wonderful day of celebration.
What a moment!  Walking across the stage.
As they announced his commissioning the room applauded and stood up.  It was amazing.

The next day was another full day as we participated in the commissioning.  It was another great day and yes, we are proud!

The Oath

The First Salute was from his dad.  What a special moment.

The handshake included the traditional silver dollar.  He bought a special one , an Army Commemorative silver dollar.

His dad is so proud!

The unofficial pinning of rank by his sister and me.

The proud family.

That whole week we spent getting ready for the wedding!  We traveled to Indiana with the grandmothers and had a visit to the airport to gather an aunt and cousins (usher and ring bearer) and still more aunts and uncles came into town.  We rehearsed and ate a lovely dinner celebrating the coming together of two families and then it was the big day!  It was a beautiful day.  The weather was perfect, the venue was perfect and the wedding party was gorgeous!  It was a sweet and wonderful ceremony filled with laughter and tears of joy.  I don't know that I've ever seen a happier couple.  I love them both more than words can say.

Getting ready and waiting...

Helping the ring bearer with his badge.

One of the beautiful ushers.

The bride getting ready.

And the bride's maid getting ready.
Making sure they have everything.
Lots of Father/Son moments.
There will be lots more photos to come.  Look back for updates!
The Bride

I just love this guy!  

So Granddad could be there too.  They wanted an "In Memory Table."  So sweet.

The beautiful bride's maid.

This kiss


The moms in their tiaras.

The first dance.

Bride with her father

Groom and mother
 I have to tell you about this dance.  It was so precious.  The song he chose was the theme from "Toy Story", "You've Got a Friend."  I CRIED, no bawled as soon as I heard the music start before I even got out of my chair!  I was so precious.  That has always been our movie.  It came out when he was one year old and we watched it and the others over and over and he carried those Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls from Burger King all over the place.  This was just such a precious moment to me.  Thank you Spencer for making it so!

Cousins dancing

More joy

We made a mad dash home and started getting ready for the PCS.  The permanent change of station.  Movers are coming this morning to pack them up and load them.  We spent the evening organizing and moving stuff from here to there and now they are getting ready to go meet the movers.  This is all getting real!

And yet, I'm not feeling so bad.  I worried that I'd be a crying wreck but I'm doing ok.  I'm excited for them!  I'll miss them like crazy but I can't wait to see where life takes them.

God Is Good. 


  1. Oh, what a jam-packed, beautiful time you have enjoyed here, Sherri! You've certainly made precious memories. I can't wait for more photos!
    Blessings and get some rest! :)

    1. Thank you, Martha! We have had a wonderful time and the memories will be cherished! I just posted more photos to this post!

  2. Sherri, You've been BUSY! However, it was a busy time full of making memories! I'll look forward to more photos as you have time.


    1. Thanks, Kim! It's been busy but I wouldn't trade a bit of it. FYI, I just posted more photos on the post.