Friday, August 14, 2015

Little Hands

Little hands in mine, giggles, smiles and lots of laughter, snuggles and joy, driver's licenses that mean fewer trips to the store for me

This is one of favorite photos.  It's of my children's hands when my youngest was baby.  Her big brother begged me to take a photo of them holding hands, well, of just their hands.  He thought it was so sweet.  He loved holding her hand.

I've thought of this photo a lot this past week.  My kids are now 20 and 16 and well, they don't hold my hand anymore, but this week my little nephew who is 5 has been visiting me with his big sister, 10.  Whenever we go to cross a street or walk through a parking lot, his precious little hand slips into mine.  I had forgotten how it felt and the first time my breath just may have caught a little and then I smiled, a great - big - smile.  I didn't realize how much I have missed those little hands in mine.  I'm grateful for all the little hands I've been privileged enough to hold in mine.

The giggles and laughter, pure joy and smiles we experienced yesterday and really all week have been so good for my soul.  Yesterday we visited the C.W. Parker Carousel Museum.  It's the BEST carousel you have ever ridden.  It goes about 10mph and is just awesome!!

Early yesterday morning, my darling daughter left to go get her Driver's License with her Daddy.  What an exciting day!  

And the first thing I did was send out the grocery store!  Yay!  Those last minute items, I need or forgot will now be for her to go get!  She actually made two of those trips yesterday.  She is now also able to drive herself to dance!  WooHoo!!

I have had such a full week that I just can't help but be grateful.  Gratitude makes it even better!  I find myself making notes about little things I'm grateful for now, for these gratitude posts.  Looking for them and taking note of them is enriching my life and you know what?  I'm so grateful for that too.  :)

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