Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's a Beautiful Day

Lazy, rainy day, crisp cool morning, happiness and smiles 

Yesterday, we had rain and lots of it.  DD and I sat by the front window and watched as the rain came down while sipping hot tea and visiting.  It was a lazy wonderful day.  A year ago, my DH had this beautiful big window put in and we love to just sit in front of it.  We watch sun rises in the mornings, rain on rainy days and snow on snowy days. Neighbors wave as they walk or drive by, because they know someone will be sitting here.  It's a favorite spot in the house.

The rain cooled things off a bit and this morning is a fabulously crisp cool morning.  It's my favorite kind of morning!  I love the crisp cool air and have opened the doors to let in just a bit of it.

Maybe this is why I woke up this morning with a sleepy smile on my face.  I felt so happy as I slowly began to wake up and feel the warmth of my bed.  I had the song from Sunday, "Beautiful Day" playing in my head and I just felt happy and content.  This is gratitude at it's best for me and at the same time it is something for which to be grateful all in it's self.

Crisp cool morning, smiles and joy, and a plan for a new project (prayers welcome for this) 

This is a portion of my gratitude list this morning...

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