Wednesday, July 23, 2014


DD and I went on a grand adventure last week. We traveled nine states in six days. It was great fun. We went to see my son at basic training. It was family day and he got two day passes. He mostly dreamed of eating and of course he ended up with a bit of a stomachache the second day from all of the food he is no longer used to eating. Mostly we just visited and visited and it was wonderful to spend time with him again.

His girlfriend and her family met us down there and we had such a nice visit. The second day, family that we haven't seen in too many years came out and spent a few hours with us as well and it was so nice to visit with them too.

My son looks so good and so strong and he's changed a bit and not at all, all at the same time. He has lots of decisions coming up in life and we talked about all of those and listened as he dreamed about it all the different things that he could do with his life and tried to help him to figure out what the best plan is for him.  

He is doing great at basic training and I'm so proud of him. I only wish that his dad could have gone to see him too but he was out of town for work. We Skyped with him a couple of times which was wonderful and he got to feel like he was a part of it and my son got to ask his dad advice and tell his dad all his dreams and hopes for his career as well.

My sweet daughter and I had lots of quality chatting time in the car on the way there and on the way back. We talked about her future and her plans and her wants for her future. She's only 15 so she's still in the planning stage, well I think we all are no matter the age but it's hard because she's starting to look at colleges a little bit here and there and she's just not sure what she wants to do.

Listening to my kids talk about their future and what they want out of their future really warmed my heart because both of them talked about wanting to have an impact on the world around them, wanting to make a difference. I realize now what an important trip this was. At first I just thought it was going to be this great adventure for my daughter as we have never traveled alone before and then  great fun to see my son but I realize now that it was a really important trip because we were able to show my son how much he means to us and that we will always be there for him whenever possible and it was important for my daughter and I to have this time of bonding and chatting and just really exploring life together.

So anyway this is where I've been for the last week or so traveling with my daughter to see my son. While we were camping the week before,  I injured my finger and went to the doctor today about it finally and it is now in a splint so I'm testing out this whole talk to text thing and hopefully it's not going to be too messy for a blog post.  I hope to be back blogging as usual really soon if this talk to text thing works out okay otherwise it might be a week or two before I'm back to typing easily. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!  Blessings.


  1. Some of my best conversations with my kids have been in the car. Whether I was taking them to school or long road trips like you just did, I always look forward to that time. We talk about everything and nothing and I treasure every moment! Glad you enjoyed that time with her!

    1. I agree! The car and right at bedtime are the best times. :)

  2. Watching our children transition into adults has been one of my great joys in life. I remember those discussions I had with my girls when they were about your daughter's age... Right on the verge of those late teen years, loving every minute of their teen years yet anxiously awaiting what life had next... Treasure these moments!