Sunday, February 12, 2017

Joy In the Morning

Well, hello there!  It's been a while.  I will admit that I've been caught up so much in the news lately that I've not had time for blogging and honestly, since this isn't a political blog, I haven't really had a lot to say that I felt was blog worthy but the weather has been warming up a bit and I've been able to get outside a little more and so my thoughts have turned again to blogging.

It was a beautiful day on Friday here.  I'm thinking the warmer temperatures do something wonderful for our little min pin.  He has been so ...  well, he just sits and sleeps, he doesn't bark out the window anymore, he doesn't even notice when we come home... that is until Friday.  He's been barking and dancing around and begging to go on walks and then he prances and trots around the neighborhood.  The warmer weather must feel good on his bones and joints.  It is wonderful and fills me with joy.  I had really started to worry a lot about him but he's like a puppy again.

I'm up early this morning, sitting by our front window, looking out at the sunrise and it too fills me with a joy.  It's cloudy but the light is breaking through and I can just barely see the pink dawning on the horizon, just starting to peek over the houses across the street.  The trees are blowing gently in the breeze and it seems so very peaceful out there.  I stepped out to see if I could you a picture of it and it is a beautiful morning!

It's cool but just lovely.  I wish I had a big front porch with a cozy place to sit and just enjoy it.  The wind rustling through the trees adds to the peaceful feeling for me.  I'd need a blanket to snuggle under but it would be an amazing way to start my day but I don't, so sitting next to the window looking out at it will have to do.  I've got my hot cup of tea and I will enjoy watching God paint the sky with beautiful, vibrant shades of pink.

My phone just can't pick up the vibrant colors.  I hope you are up right now so that you can enjoy this beautiful display.  Isn't it amazing to think that God puts on a show like this for us twice a day?   I definitely need to get out and enjoy it more often and thank him Him for it too.  

Good morning, Lord!  It's so good to meet here this morning.  Thanks for the beautiful painting.  It's perfect.  Amen.


  1. Sherri, it's a beautiful day, albeit, windy here. It has been a very mild winter here this year.


    1. Hi Kim,
      There was just a breeze early this morning but by the time we got to worshiping at my second church, I thought the roof was going to blow off the building! Even driving on the way home, I felt I was being blown all over the road. I love the Kansas wind except for when it's bitterly cold.

      Have a great week!