Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Hero

The guy on the right is one of my heroes.  I only have a few but this one is super special to me.  He is an amazing guy.  He is driven and focused.  When he sees what he wants he works HARD to achieve it.  He is truly amazing.

He loves music and theater and is totally into physical fitness.  In fact, he scored a 300 on his PT test before he left for Basic Training.  When he was 10 years old, he decided he wanted to learn to do pull ups.  Now, he can do them forever. 

He doesn’t take the easy way.  He has no problem taking the rough roads or making tough decisions.  He gives life his ALL and is stronger because of it.

I’ve heard what some people say about him and all I can say is that I’m sorry you haven’t really gotten to know him.  He is fun, loving, super smart and his faith runs deep. He is loyal and dedicated.  He makes me proud to be his mother.  

Yes, he’s made mistakes, haven’t we all, but he’s also learned from those mistakes and they have made him stronger and more determined. 

He is figuring out what he wants in life and is working toward it, even if it’s a tough, hard road he has to take to get there, and I know he will achieve it.  

When he left for college, I told him to go and do great things and that is exactly what he is doing.  He is seeking to make a difference in this world and I happen to believe he has already and will continue to do so.  

I know you will never see this but, I love you, Spencer, you are my hero.

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