Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unplugged... again

I know I've said this before but this time I mean it!  I'm sticking to it!  I promise!

A friend, last week, said something about the busyness of cell phones and tablets and it made realize and really notice that I have slowly started spending too much time with mine again!

I had really been enjoying being unplugged more so I, right that very moment, put down my iPad and enjoyed life right where I was, which happened to be sitting at the breakfast table with DD as she ate before heading off to class.  I was surprised that I had it!  That instead of being fully present in our time together, I was only half listening while scrolling through Facebook.  What was wrong with me!  I'm so glad that post by a friend caught my attention.

I've been doing that, enjoying life where I am, ever since.  I've picked up my crocheting again and love having more time for it!.  I'm even caught up on laundry!  

And the most important thing?  My devotion is happening first thing!  I's not rushed and I feel so much better, more centered and ready for the day.  I feel much more connected ~ to God, to myself and to my family.  It's amazing to me how being a little less connected to the cyber world can make me feel so much more connected to the actual world around me.

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