Tuesday, February 10, 2015


When I started out on this journey of Lay Servant Ministries, people asked me what 'level' (for lack of the right word right now) I planned to go to.  Local Lay Servant?  Certified Lay Servant?  Lay Speaker?  Certified Lay Minister? (That one is really a stand alone but it was there.) My reply was that I would go until God told me to stop.  The problem is, how do I know when God says stop?  I've heard a slow down, wait till it's time once but how do I know?
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I really try to listen, I do.  I listen to what those around me say.  I listen to the scriptures.  I listen, but I have a hard time trusting what I hear.  I have a hard time knowing what's God and what's not.  How do we discern that?  I took an 'advanced course' on this very thing and maybe I need to take it again because I don't think it took!  I hear conflicting things all the time, from the people around me and also from inside me, in my thoughts.

So... I'm going to work on that silence thing. I'm going to try to listen more.  

Speak, Lord.  Your servant is listening.

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Update: I am a Lay Speaker which is as far as Lay Servant Ministries goes.  I'm just not sure if I am supposed to go beyond that or not...  


  1. Pray, Listen, Read, Study, Listen, Learn, Pray! Be patient, God works in a different time zone than the rest of us

  2. Go slow my friend. I have the same problem.