Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wonderful Worship

Wow.  That's what I've been saying all day.  This morning,  I had the privilege to worship at Mason Memorial UMC a small congregation in Kansas City.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email asking if I would be interested in preaching there for their youth Sunday.  I called the person in charge of the service and we talked about what they had planned for that day and I accepted the invitation.

Later, I learned that it was a predominately African American congregation. I was excited and little nervous all at the same time.  It didn't matter to me at all but I was afraid that I wouldn't be what they were used to and that, well, they wouldn't like me or that my message wouldn't be the right one. Really the same fears I have everywhere only for some reason intensified.  I needn't have worried.

It was an absolutely WONDERFUL experience!  They welcomed us as part of their family.  You could feel how much they cared for one another.  They were all happy to be there and the Youth were happy to be a part of the service!  It was such an amazing worship experience.  Within the first 5 minutes of being in the sanctuary, I could feel tears welling up because well... I can't even tell you why but they were good tears!  It was just an amazing time of worship and fellowship.

Now, I'm not one to say this but I have to tell you that the Lord was in that place today!  The song choices (made by someone else who didn't know what my message was about) fit perfectly with my sermon.  The advent readings they did went right along the same lines as well even though they were not from the lectionary.  Everything just seemed to be planned for the message I had prepared.  It was amazing.

Funny thing is, when I received the email about preaching there, I was in the middle of an article that just seemed to scream, preach on this topic for this Youth Sunday!  Everything for this day just seemed to come together and fit perfectly like a puzzle.

My family really enjoyed it too.  They felt so welcome and loved.  My daughter said, "I love going with you to these small churches because they are just AWESOME!"  My husband even said, "Maybe we can go and visit there every once in a while.  I really enjoyed it and wish we lived closer."  We smiled and laughed and shared stories of the different people we had met there with each other all the way home.

No words can to do justice to the feeling we had as we left there today but WOW.  It was awesome we definitely worshiped today.

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  1. Thanks Sherri for sharing such a warm and astonishing experience with Christ. Isn't God amazing how He touches us in ways that is unique and hard to put in words. This connection is powerful and reinforces the love He has for us. May Christ continue to shine bright in you and your family lives.