Sunday, August 14, 2016


This week we had a backpack blessing at each of the churches plus a school supply drive for the schools right down the street from each church.  I have been so excited about this!  It was so fun to plan and I think we had a pretty good turn out too!  

I worked a lot this week on balance.  I've been finding myself working all day every day on church stuff and neglecting other things in my life.  I'm allotted 20 a week for both churches, each, but both all together.  I know it will be always be more than that but I think it's important to find balance and I did pretty good this week.  

I made time for my little family, I made time to do a little pleasure reading and even for some crafting.  It made my week and my family very happy so I will continue to work on this.  I think it's good for me.

I'm still thoroughly enjoying serving both these congregations and look forward to lots more outreach opportunities with them both!  I hope for us to be a light on the hill for their communities!


  1. Being a blessing to others blesses you, Sherri! These were wonderful events, I'm sure, for all involved.
    Stay balanced!

    1. Thank you, Martha! I'm working on it! :)

  2. Sherri, I'm glad you're working on balance. It can be so hard to achieve balance, especially being involved in ministry. I hope you're able to find someone to hold you accountable to finding/maintaining balance!