Monday, June 29, 2015

Prayer Shawls

I love to crochet.  I don't do it as much as I'd like because well, yarn can be very expensive but I love it!  I've been enjoying crocheting for others and am finding God in the midst of it all.  I have a dear friend undergoing cancer treatments right now.  A couple of years ago, I made her a prayer shawl for a surgery she had gone through so I didn't make her another one this time.  I had been worrying over what I could make for her to help comfort her through this time and then one day she gave she me some yarn.  She said she wasn't going to be able to make the shawl she had planned so she wanted me to do it for her.

Oh, it was a beautiful blue yarn that was so very soft.  I couldn't wait to make something of it but I couldn't get her specifically off my mind and the need to make something for her.  She had started noticing her hair falling out so I decided to make her hat.  I hadn't ever made a hat before but I just knew she needed one so I set out to find the right pattern for her and for me.  I had so much fun!  I finished it in a day and couldn't wait to take it to her.  I didn't know if she would like it or not, but it was made with love and prayers.  

She scolded me a bit because I was supposed to make a prayer shawl with it so I set straight to work on that.  I couldn't find the pattern I had used before so I had to search for a new one that was easy and still beautiful.  I think I found a good one.  I thought it turned out lovely and again, it was loving and prayerfully made.  I took it to our church that week to put in our prayer shawl box to be delivered to just the right person at just the right time.

Well, at this point I was hooked!  DD and I went to the store and bought up a ton of yarn!  I immediately started a new shawl and shared a photo of the work in progress to Facebook and soon after received a private message asking if I could make a prayer shawl for someone in need of comfort.  Oh, how I prayed over that shawl as I worked it.  There is something very satisfying about make a prayer shawl or really anything for someone else.  It's moving and well... spiritual.  I'm finding God in the art of crocheting and I'm loving it.

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